Massive AI News — February 2023

AI Updates From Meta, Snap, Spotify, McDonalds, Elon Musk & Others

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We all know that 2023 is the year of Artificial Intelligence. February came to a close and it was an exciting month for the AI space. Let’s take a look back at the incredible news that made headlines only within the last month.

This story summarizes some groundbreaking innovations from Meta and Alphabet, hilarious news from Mcdonald's, and some interesting statements from Elon Musk — all around Artificial Intelligence.

Meta — Announcing LLaMA

We start with Meta, the mother company of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. On February 24th Meta announced its public release of LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI), a large language model & generator for research.

It's not a chatbot anyone can talk to, but targets researchers to democratize access and analyze the problems of AI language models. LLaMA is not a single system but consists of different-sized models running under a noncommercial license. Access is granted to research groups like universities, NGOs, and industry labs. [1]

Only a couple of days later, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta will create a product group focussing on AI solutions and generative AI. The target is to build creative & generative tools and include them in the existing Meta solutions like WhatsApp or Instagram. [2]

McDonald's — Chatbots Going Wild

Mcdonald's has proven that AI still has a lot of room for improvement as it recently implemented a drive-thru order AI giving customers funny wrong orders. [3]

There are several TikTok posts of people fighting with AI to get their desired order. One example viral post by @themaddivlog shows a young woman ordering water & ice cream, but getting displayed butter and ketchup instead.

Elon Musk — Building An Own AI

Elon Musk is apparently not happy with the direction of OpenAI and its products around ChatGPT. He criticized OpenAI as “training AI to be woke” for installing protection & guardrails that prevent ChatGPT from producing potentially offending text.




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