16 AI Text Generation Tools

Boost Your Productivity With These Amazing AI Tools

5 min readMar 19


16 AI Text Generation Tools. Image by the author.

ChatGPT is still on everyone’s lips, but there are numerous other AI tools for text generation on the market. These tools can increase your productivity massively. Some use cases are

  • summarizing large amounts of text or meetings
  • reducing your effort required to generate content
  • increased accuracy and consistency in content
  • and much more

In this story, I will provide a detailed overview of three selected AI text generation tools. The links to all tools featured in the image above can be found at the end of this story.

Notion — The Allrounder

Notion is an amazing all-in-one tool for individuals and teams with some really cool built-in AI features. You can ask its AI to

  • generate text or continue writing for you
  • improve your text by correcting grammar and spelling or change the tone of your text, to make it more friendly or more confident
  • summarize large amount of text and find action items in it
Screenshot from Notion — taken by the author.

These feature can help you to increase your efficiency, improve your content and simply save you a lot of time. However, labeling Notion as simple AI content generation tool does not do justice to its capabilities.

Notion offers way more features for you or your team with some awesome pre-built templates for your personal life — like Budget or Habit Trackers — or for your job — like a Content Calendar or a Recruitment Planner.

I used Notion to build my own template — a Travel Planner where you can plan your trips, get an overview of your schedule & bookings, track your expenses, to-dos and packaging list. I really enjoyed working with Notion to create it. If you are interested, you can get it here.




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